SMA Photovoltaic Inverter Boosts the Largest Single Floating Power Station Project in Jiangsu Province

Reports from Yancheng, on November 7, 2018, SMA provides Zeverlution Pro 40K-MV inverter products for the largest single floating power station project in Jiangsu Province. The project, with an installed capacity of 20 MW, was successfully connected to the grid on July 26. Due to compact and lightweight design, 511 Zeverlution Pro 40K-MV inverters supplied by SMA China greatly reduce the installation and maintenance costs of the project.

“We are delighted to establish a partnership with SMA China,” said Mr. Du Junhai, General Manager of EPC Runhai Environmental Protection. “Runhai has always been choosing the products with leading technology and is committed to providing quality service to our customers. We see that the SMA product line and its strategy to produce cutting-edge products are well aligned with Runhai’s vision. We can benefit from the high reliability and efficiency of SMA products. “

“The photovoltaic agricultural market is very important in China and has broad development potential,” said Dr. Zhang Yong, President of SMA China. “Runhai has extensive experience in large-scale solar power generation and is able to effectively promote the introduction of our technology into the Chinese market. We look forward to further cooperation with Runhai. “

Compared with the traditional fishing-photovoltaic complementary project, the highlight of Yancheng 20MW single floating photovoltaic power generation project is that the photovoltaic power generation module is installed on the floating body of water surface, the upper layer generates electricity and the lower layer carries on aquaculture, which has the characteristics of not occupying land resources, reducing water evaporation and achieving high power generation capacity of photovoltaic modules with water cooling effect. After the photovoltaic aquaculture project starts, it can also develop agro-ecotourism projects, and will absorb part of the labor force, to bring a stable salary income for local villagers.

The investment of Yancheng 20 MW single floating photovoltaic power generation project can not only help farmers to increase income, promote local economic development, but also bring huge benefits to local environmental protection.